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The Jam Man's Story

Several years ago I was frustrated for the want of a high quality homemade jam. I had fond childhood memories of picking the juicy fruit and watching mum produce the most delightful raspberry and boysenberry jam. I decided to carry on the tradition...

I sourced the very best fruit and began to make 'The Grainge' jams in our family kitchen. I sold the jam through the butcher shop I was managing and it flew off the shelves, receiving much praise.

My jam is still handmade in small batches and retains its natural colour and flavour.
Today many people are grateful that I've reproduced this old-style jam, saying,
"Thank goodness you've gone from Butcher Boy to Jam Man!".

I'm passionate about my jam. I know you will be too!

Award winning Jam 2014
Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards

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