Grainge Jams


How do I go about retailing the Grainge Jams?

If you want to sell or use the Grainge Jams in your business, please contact the Jam Man direct.

How much does freight cost?

Each state has a specific freight cost that is applicable to any address in such state.

Do you sell the jam in bulk?

The jam is not only retailed in the 370g jars but is also used for recipes in restaurants and cafes. It is supplied in bulk 2.5kg and 5kg buckets as well as the one size jar.

Does it contain unnatural preservatives or artificial flavours?

No. A standard batch of The Grainge berry jam contains a small portion of citrus pectin (found in health food shops) is used to allow the jam to set up, berries and sugar.

Citrus pectin? Is it good or bad for me?

Citrus pectin is an indigestible dietary fibre that naturally develops on the rinds of citrus fruit and has very strong binding characteristics. It is actually good for you, as it is associated with many health benefits such as lowering of LDL cholesterol (whilst not affecting HDL cholesterol), cleaning the colon, and slowing the absorption of sugars. People fighting disease often consume citrus pectin for is health building characteristics.

What if I want to buy more than just 12 jars?

To buy more than 12 jars please contact Paul directly, this information is found on the contact page.

How do I know this site is safe?

This site uses Paypal for all financial transactions and is one of the safest money transfer business in the world that services over 232 million accounts in over 25 currencies.

Do you have a sugar free jam?

At this stage no, as the flavour of the jam is the upmost importance and with the replacement of artificial sweeteners the flavour is compromised.

For any other questions, feel free to call or email the jam man directly.

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