Grainge Jams

The Grainge specialises in five fine preserves, raspberry, boysenberry, three fruit marmalade, raspberry and boysenberry, and Apricot (seasonal). All of these products are produced using highest quality fruit and berries.

Raspberry Boysenberry Jam Raspberry & Boysenberry Jam

The combination of the two fruits creates a very unique flavour. This jam was introduced recently to the Grainge product line, and has quickly became a popular choice for customers who can't make up their minds.

Boysenberry Jam Boysenberry Jam

The Boysenberries are sourced from New Zealand, including only the highest quality dessert grade berries. It's rich and distinctive flavour has been described as a cross between raspberry and blackberry.

Marmalade Jam Marmalade Jam

This marmalade is made from the traditional combination of oranges, grapefruit and lemons. Unlike the usual sickly sweet marmalade available on the shelf of your local supermarket, this jam has been created to be the perfect balance between sweet and bitter tart flavours. The fruit is sourced from local Queensland suppliers and is a very popular choice amongst those who prefer that traditional marmalade flavour.

Raspberry Jam Raspberry Jam

Produced using only the finest Willamette raspberries, which are sourced from Europe. It is a consistent top seller, with a vibrant and rich flavour.

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